i-Come to Life

Book Series empowered with Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality to enhance student engagement. Give your child the best Audio Visual Kinesthetic learning experience possible.

Using Technology Productively for Learning

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i-Come to LIFE Series
Empowered with AI & AR

Exceptional Educational Series

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i-Come to Life series for Nursery to Grade 2 has transformed learning in the early years for children of our school. LIFE Organization has set up a model i-Life Center in our school, backed by CSR funding. The excitement in the eyes of the children when they engage in Augmented Reality activities is a sight to see! Coloring animals & objects and seeing them coming to life on mobile screen and the projector screen is almost magical for them. Their learning capability has grown 10 fold within just a few days of implementing this program.

Shri. Dayanand N. Chawdikar

Director, Bal Bhavan, Goa