iLife Vanilla FLN Program

iLife Presents Vanilla FLN Program

Foundational Literacy & Numeracy (FLN) Curriculum Program in alignment with NEP 2020 for Grades Nursery - Sr.KG.

Offering - 1

1a. Lifedflix - LMS Platform

Lifedflix – A unique in-house developed LMS Platform designed for schools, teachers, students and parents. Also available as a mobile App in the Play Store.
  • Anytime, Anywhere access.
  • Access to thematic lesson plans designed as per the NEP guidelines for teachers with minute-to-minute instructional design for effective class implementation.
  • Lesson plans integrated with the latest immersive edtech tools like AR/ WebVR, eye-catching presentations, and Audio/Visual aids.
  • A unique feature for teachers to create their own lesson plans.
  • One subscription licence for teachers in every grade.
  • Access to teacher’s and student’s progress tracking for themanagement.
  • Access to modules of the lesson plans for parents for reinforcement of learning at home.

1b. NEP Training : Comprehensive Training Program on Lifedflix

  • 2-hour Training program for teachers online on NEP guidelines.
  • Training includes clear understanding of the policy and its implementation process.
  • Handholding of teachers to ensure effective implementation of the policy.

Offering 1 + Offering 2

INR 14,999/-

Offering - 2

2. i-Come to LIFE FLN Program

The i-Come to LIFE FLN Program, designed for grades Nursery – Sr.KG and in accordance with the latest National Education Policy (NEP), delivers a complete educational solution. It includes a wide range of AR/Web activities integrated Lesson plans, engaging interactive games, and easily downloadable and printable educational worksheets to strengthen the Literacy and numeracy skills in children at an early age.

i-Life Phonics

i-Life Phonics builds a strong foundation for early reading and language skills in children.

  • Vocabulary Expansion: The program exposes children to a wide-ranging vocabulary, enriching their word knowledge.
  • Improved Spelling: By learning phonetic rules and patterns, children can improve their spelling skills effectively.
  • Early Reading Proficiency: i-Life Phonics empowers children to achieve early reading proficiency, enabling them to read simple words and sentences at a young age.

i-Life Numbers

Learning numbers and pre-math concepts with i-Life offers numerous advantages beyond just mathematical proficiency.

  • Cognitive Development: i-Life Numbers fosters cognitive development by introducing pattern recognition, sequences, spatial awareness, and logical reasoning.
  • Numeracy Skills: Children acquire foundational numeracy skills, including counting, recognizing quantities, and understanding numerical values.
  • Real-World Relevance: The program demonstrates the practical applications of numbers and mathematics in everyday scenarios, such as counting objects, telling time, and measuring quantities.