Watch Numbers & Letters come to life!

Let's do a Magic Show

Why have this magic show at all?

For Children: In this 2 hour magic show session, we will take children of your school on a magical journey to the world of numbers and letters where boring 2D letters and numbers turn into 3D experiences with immersive animation and audio. They will colour characters on paper and see them come alive on phone / tab / large screen TV / projector screen and interact with them.

For Teachers: A quick 30 minute session for teachers post the magic show. Let’s teach children better by incorporating all elements of VARK (Visual Auditory Reading / Writing and Kinesthetic) into our lesson plans. We can practically show you how!Β 

P.S: We aren’t salesmen and we won’t try to sell you anything as part of this session. We promise. We are a passionate EdTech company made by Educators just like you.